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About Us

Encore Software Limited, earlier known as Ncore Technology Pvt. Ltd., is a dynamic product development company in Information Technology that combines core technical expertise with a global business perspective.

Basing its business philosophy on a judicious blend of relentless innovation in using technology and exceptional customer service, Encore has notched up a venerable, global portfolio of OEM clients. With OEM clients in the hugely competitive markets of USA, Germany, Finland, France, Israel, Japan, Korea and Malaysia, including some of the world's leading electronic, telecommunication & semiconductor manufacturers, Encore is surging ahead by providing enabling technology solutions that seamlessly plug into its customer's critical equipment.

Encore's products and services range from DSP-based modem and speech coding technology to evolving key designs in embedded systems. Encore generates a steady stream of revenues from its technology licensing and design services.

Encore is headquartered in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, which hosts some of India's best educational institutions and a vast range of leading multinational IT companies and has a wholly owned subsidiary in the USA. In this competitive environment, Encore is able to retain some of the most promising engineering talent in DSP and embedded systems. Encore maintains close links with leading technology institutions which provide a steady stream of skilled manpower for its growing needs.

Our engineering resource base has experience with different technologies with a broad range of system level perspective, and is adequately exposed to international work culture. We have a proven track record in delivering software solutions to a global standard in our chosen areas of focus.

This pool of engineering talent is supervised by top technical management to enable us to offer the right mix of relevant experience for implementing a solution successfully.



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