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Specifications of Encore Simputer

CPU Intel PXA 255 processor @ 200 MHz
Memory 64 MB of SDRAM
32 MB Flash memory
Display Options Advanced TFT Colour with white LED backlight
Input Device Touch tablet overlay on LCD
Audio Interface Audio Codec with integrated speaker & microphone
SmartCard Interface Integrated SmartCard Reader/Writer
Connectivity Debug Serial
USB Slave
USB Master
Connectivity Options IrDA
Integrated 56 Kbps Modem (V.90)
RS232 Communication
Power Supply Li Polymer rechargeable batteries
Internal charge management
External AC adapter
System Software Linux Kernel 2.x.x
GTK Support
TCP/IP, FTP, Telnet, HTTP (Dillo Web browser)
SCEZ SmartCard Framework
Indian Language support, PC Sync Software

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Mobilis, SofComp, SATHI, Simputer

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